Wanna see some top quality photos of our wooden watches?

We recently hosted a countrywide “Instameet” – where Instagram users gather together to take the best photos possible of the theme. Ours was “The Time Is Now”, and people gathered in Johannesburg, Durban, AND Cape Town over one weekend to learn more about Bettél, and many of them took some really incredible photos of our wooden watches.

There were so many to choose from but here are our three biggest faves:

"Playing with time" by Jonty Fish

“Playing with time” by Jonty Fish

This photo was captured at the perfect moment! This guy is seen throwing one of our wooden watches (without its straps) into the air at Tokai Forest… No Photoshop here – just sheer skill.

"Forest Fascinations" by Calvin Munhuweyi

“Forest Fascinations” by Calvin Munhuweyi

Stuart Swan is the Co-Founder and Director of Bettél. He is also our chief watchmaker: the brains and the skill behind our designs. He designs and makes each wooden watch by hand – right here in South African soil.
This aeriel shot was captured using a drone in Tokai Forest.

"Sands of Time" by 'Lucky Paket'

“Sands of Time” by ‘Lucky Paket’

We were blown away by the creativity of this shot! One of our wooden watches hangs off of a sand-filled light bulb. Creativity at its very best.
This photo was taken on one of the Durban beach shores.