I decided that my first blog entry should be a bit about my journey into the world of watch-making. It has really been a journey, with many lessons learnt along the way. It starts all the way back when I was about three years old and trying to break into my dad’s workshop at 2 O’clock in the morning because I wanted to build something…

4 years old

Picture 1: Four years old with my trusty overalls on. I was ready to do some building in my dad’s workshop

Ever since I can remember I have been designing things. From aeroplanes powered by hand-drills with propellers attached, to radio-controlled cars powered by chainsaw engines, to wooden surfboards, to cars, to motorbikes, to a world record which I am currently pursuing. You may be wondering what all these things have in common with watches. Well, nothing I guess – other than all the little lessons and skills I have learnt throughout my life, which have now come together to form my most refined and creative designs yet… My watches.

sketch 3

Picture 2: A sketch of my prototype watch

The idea came to me when my wife and I were flying back to South Africa in November 2014 after our time in Indonesia. While we were high above the Indian Ocean I designed my first wooden watch which incorporated carbon fibre, leather and stainless steel (but now I use silver). I took those first five concept sketches, which I made on the aeroplane, and turned them into 3D models on my computer. And so the journey progresses.

Rectangle watch with wooden stripes

Picture 3: A computer rendered image of the model I made based on the sketch above
To be continued…